What is it that makes an outstanding design?

It seduces. It invokes emotion. It’s timeless. It stands out, yet it’s fluid. It takes you on a complete visual experience. It leaves you wanting more.

I’m Miguel Marin, and I passionately craft visual journeys for a living.

Hailing from a childhood of drawing and painting, my passions have led me to obtaining a BFA in Graphic Design from the Miami International University of Art in 2012. Since then I have had the opportunity to immerse myself in various projects and industries. I’ve been called quite the character by anyone I meet, and I put part of me into everything I create. I have an idiosyncratic personality, a unique laugh, and a bold focus for the important details.

When I’m not spellbound by design software or my sketchbook, I’m usually running, training capoeira, traveling the world, making some coffee or just hanging out enjoying a good craft beer.